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Paula Gaetano Adi and Gustavo Crembil published their "manifesto" on Mestizo Robotics in Leonardo®, the academic journal published by the MIT Press covering the application of contemporary science and technology. 

Mestizo Robotics. Leonardo. Volume 50 | Issue 2 | April 2017
Paper Abstract: With a cultural and material “cannibalistic” approach, the authors aim to revise certain technological discourses by introducing TZ’IJK, a “mestizo” robotic artwork developed in the Peruvian Amazon. Far from the utopian visions of Hollywood sci-fi movies populated by highly intelligent, anthropomorphic and responsive machines, TZ’IJK employs a combination of high and low technologies that embody Latin America’s anthropophagic, postcolonial and hybrid nature. Mestizo Robotics proposes an alternative approach to the development of embodied artificial life forms, from both theoretical and technological viewpoints.

- Read full text at https://www.mitpressjournals.org/doi/pdf/10.1162/LEON_a_01150



Paula Gaetano Adi