Mestizo Robotics



Mestizo Robotics is a platform that aims to imagine, create and develop art tactics that change how we think about making robots. Mestizo Robotics calls to combine “high-and-low” technologies, designs, and materials and to speculate about alternative futures in which multiple worlds and knowledges, involving both humans and nonhumans, can flourish in mutually enhancing ways.

Originally conceived by architect Gustavo Crembil and artist Paula Gaetano Adi as an artistic proposition aimed at understanding how technoscience is produced, appropriated, and transformed in Latin America; Mestizo Robotics is now an open platform for the development of embodied and enactive artificial life that challenges the systems of art, crafts, and technologies upon which the modern/colonial world was built.

Inspired by the lessons of mestizaje, Mestizo Robotics calls to resist western utopian and dystopian dreams populated with super-intelligent, anthropomorphic and responsive machines, emphasizing bottom-up processes by which intelligence emerges and evolves in lived experience, particularly in interactions with the environments that enhance the robot’s present situation. Mestizo Robotics is not only the first community of ‘mud robots,’ but also an ongoing open-call for artists, designers, researchers, and inventors to decolonize robotics and to create their own ‘mestizo technocreatures’ that blend robotic technologies with traditional crafts, vernacular cultures, and DIY making.