¿Cómo decir Nosotrxs?


Mestizo Robotics recently participated in the new media festival TRANSITIO_MX 07 in Mexico City. Curated by Pedro Soler,  the 2017 festival was titled ¿Cómo decir nosotroxs? and presented works that  explore relationships of a complex network of human and non-human, technological, and geological actors.

Curatorial Text Abstract: Attempting to respond to the question “How to say nosotrxs?” involves perceiving and acknowledging the networks of relations and participants who form this question. The works in the Transitio_MX 07 exhibit open our senses and perceptions in the quest to expand the idea of nosotrxs and the ordinary, beyond human, towards energies, bacteria, spiritual beings, plants and seeds, machines, the body, and the Earth itself. Approached by feminisms, subalternities, ancestry, and contemporary thinking about the environment, the Exhibition presents artists from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, women and men, young and old, indigenous and mestizxs, getting each visitor involved in the profound interculturality the reflection on our environment demands.

- More Info: http://www.07.transitiomx.net/es/inicio

Key Dates:

TRANSITIO_MX07: ¿Cómo decir nosotroxs?
September 23 – October 1, 2017
Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico City




Paula Gaetano Adi